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• Terrified of cats
• Obsessed with The Office
• Spokesmodel for Sensodyne Toothpaste

After 12 years in Los Angeles working in the dance and commercial industries, and as a SoulCycle Instructor, Naomi, Rebel House Head Instructor, is excited to be back in Salt Lake City! She is most well-known as an assistant choreographer for the hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. Working as a Dancer, Choreographer, and Artistic Director she has gained a passion to share with others her knowledge and insight on movement, health, and wellness. Naomi will have you sweating, dancing and feeling inspired the entire 45-minute class. Yes, her music is loud but her passion and heart are even louder!

CURRENT MUSIC OBSESSIONS: Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Prince (my spirit animal), Migos, Wiz Khalifa, Steve Aoki



• Lived in four states (WI, FL, CO, UT)
• Loves to ride her ’03 Harley Sportster
• Never wears matching socks

Jenna has been a spin instructor for three years. After moving to Utah in early 2018, she discovered REBEL House and was thrilled to join the team. She grew up in a small town in the Wisconsin River and was born with a passion to explore the great outdoors (indoors too!). Her goal for each class is to celebrate the strength of her students, both physically and mentally, while getting sweaty to sweet beats.

Crash this Party-Yellowclaw, Hammer-nothing,nowhere, and Vans (It’s Different Remix)-Arrested Youth



• Played college golf
• Passionate about growing his century-old family business
• Never tried boxing until REBEL!

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, if he’s not sweating it out at REBEL, he’s helping his father run their family-owned jewelry business, Morgan Jewelers. He lives each day in gratitude for the opportunities he has to contribute to the Salt Lake City community and is passionate about the future of the city!

Drake (loves Final Fantasy and Elevate), @rocworthy and Hey Up There-Buddy



• Loves dessert
• Earned his degree in Ballet from the University of Utah
• Over 55 hours of artwork on his body

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, where he was the captain of his Varsity basketball team for two years, Bashaun chose to trade in his hoopin’ shoes for ballet shoes in 2007 when he moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. He currently dances full-time with the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company where he travels the world teaching and performing.

Drake, J. Cole and Josh Vietti



• Never met an ice cream cone she didn’t like
• Favorite place is anywhere on a motorcycle with her hubby
• When she’s not at REBEL HOUSE, she can be found mall crawling with her mini, Ruby Que

Meredith grew up in the suburbs of D.C. and moved to Utah 10 years ago and has loved it. Like most Salt Lake natives, she fell in love with the mountains and beautiful scenery. Meredith has worked in the fitness industry for over eight years and loves to share her passion for fitness with her classes. Her biggest goal as a teacher is to motivate and encourage her students to give their best.

Get Lost in the Music-MuteMath, Preworkout Pump Up Party: Top 40 Pop Hits, Cody Jinks, Post Malone and Britney Spears



• Grew up in Mountain View, CA
• First-generation college graduate in her Nicaraguan family (University of California San Diego!)
• Loves to go shooting

Before relocating to Utah in early 2018, Jax had been a California girl her whole life. She grew up in the Bay Area, attended school in San Diego and lived in Los Angeles where she worked for Buzzfeed. Throughout her California adventures, Jax was fortunate to have access to active fitness communities and discovered her passion for spinning five years ago. After moving to Utah, she took a few classes at REBEL HOUSE and was instantly hooked. She loves being an instructor at REBEL HOUSE and loves to instill confidence, both physically and mentally, in her students. Her mantra: Believe, Conquer, Achieve!

Drake, Beyonce and Tinashe



• An actual red-headed step child!
• Never seen Forest Gump
• First-time dog mom to a Goldendoodle named Hamilton

Originally from Denver, Brittany has been teaching all types of fitness classes since she was in college. When she isn’t sweating, she is a Registered Nurse and Primary Children’s Hospital. Brittany believes that change begins at the end of your comfort zone. In the RIDE room, she will take you to a place on your fitness journey that you never thought possible. She will push you to your full potential, all while inspiring you to be a better human off the bike.

The Weeknd, Bishop Briggs and Drake



• Known for her love of burpees
• Thinks her dog is more popular than she is
• Self-proclaimed anatomy nerd

Hannah is a multi-certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer and influencer; REHAB being her latest and most addictive certification, she is loving kicking butts and making people smile through their sweat in a totally new, bad-ass way. While physical goals are a huge reward for crushing it in every workout, she believes there are so many additional benefits. Don’t let her smile and bubbly attitude fool you; she will crush you in class, and make you love every second of it. She loves spreading light and prioritizes creating safe environments for every single client she works with! Take a class and feel the love.

Feels Great-Cheat Codes, Run Wild-Thutmose and Go Your Own Way-Fleetwood Mac



*Made up of 50% dad jokes and 50% Flamin' Hot Cheetos

*Has watched every episode of Greys Anatomy 7 times.

*Born in Houston, Texas (like Beyoncé)

Elia has been passionate about Sports & Fitness for as long as she can remember. She played Softball throughout Highschool, took up weight lifting in 2017 and has a new-found passion for indoor cycling as a REBEL instructor. When Elia is not at REBEL you can find her taking a nap, watching Netflix, or playing Xbox with her Husband Erik. Elia’s classes will make you laugh, cry and sweat all at the same time. She wants all of her Riders to walk out feeling inspired and invincible!

Elia is the spunky, energetic, Latina your life has been missing. Her Mantra: Strive for happiness, no matter how long it takes. The time will pass anyway!

CURRENT MUSIC OBSESSIONS:Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Drake, Calvin Harris, J Balvin



• Former RV Salesman
• Worked for Super Target as a grocery manager
• Self-proclaimed minimalist

Swedish Dave likes books and phone calls and reminisces reminisces about the GOOD OL days.... Dave was born in Sweden but loves where he lives currently, in The Avenues, his favorite neighborhood in SLC. Dave is passionate about EVERYTHING, especially breakfast & cycling! When he’s not at REBEL, he works as a full-time Librarian in the Audiovisual/Nonfiction department at The City Library in downtown Salt Lake. He believes nature to be the ultimate panacea and absolutely loves being in the outdoors. Dave has two passions: cycling and breakfast.

Yours to Destroy-No Use For a Name, Songs You Know By Heart-Jimmy Buffet and Toujours-Baguette Quartette



• Former dancer in LA
• Chocoholic
• Does have a middle name

Courtney fell in love with sports and fitness at a young age where she developed a lot of confidence. She loves to be in the studio and leave her stress and worries outside the door so she can focus on building strength and being her best self. Once Courtney steps inside the studio, she feels in control of herself, her mind and how hard she can work. Her goal as an instructor is to get you in your zone and train your mind for success! Her classes are fun and intense, with a little bit of sass.

Tinashe, Steve Aoki and Drake



* loves gummy bears

*He grew up in Los Angeles, CA

*3/4 Vietnamese, 1/4 French

Before moving to Salt Lake City, UT, Jerry lived in LA, graduated from UC Irvine, and wanted to pursue his career in medicine. While being part of Lululemon’s team in Newport Beach, CA, he found his love for fitness, especially indoor cycling. As he takes his next steps into his graduate school career, he wants to take his year “off” and make it his year “on” by pushing boundaries and taking on new adventures.

His ultimate goal is to instill confidence and strength into his students, and guide them to accomplish goals they never thought they could. He lives by Rupaul’s mantra: If you can’t love yourself, how the he*l are you gonna love someone else! Can I get an AMEN!

Current music obsession: Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Jessis J, anything remixed, and House music


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